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Stay fit with FIT LOVERS

Date of event: 13.05.2023 - 13.05.2023

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle. The most famous Polish fit couple - FIT LOVERS will encourage you to do so.
During the event, there will be a training with FIT LOVERS, several interviews and a meeting with fans with the possibility of taking photos together. There will also be plenty of other sports and healthy attractions for adults and children.

The entire action will be led by a compere who will conduct mini competitions on healthy eating between training sessions and panels. You can win sports gadgets and gifts from the gallery's tenants.

Additional attractions:

The zone will also have the positions of a dietitian and a personal trainer who will be available to clients throughout the day to offer them good advice on how to start taking care of their own health. Discussion panels will also be held with them during the day on this topic.

Outside the gallery (at the entrance from the bus terminus) there will be a free bicycle service for all fans of two-wheelers.

The Foundation was invited to cooperate, for which we will conduct a competition on a rowing machine - the more customers "swim the distance", the more money will be donated to the foundation by Galeria Bronowice.

Description from the Foundation:
The Foundation deals with the prevention of obesity and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among children and adolescents with the active involvement of educators and parents. With passion and commitment, she conducts activities aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of rational nutrition, physical activity, as well as care for mental health and the surrounding environment in accordance with the zero/less waste principle.
It carries out its mission through educational activities, primarily in schools and kindergartens, conducting workshops for children, training, webinars and consultations for parents and teaching staff. Thanks to creative and unconventional activities, it has a real impact on increasing the competences of adults, and also shapes good eating habits among the younger generation.

Two foosball tables will be waiting for the youngest sports fans. There will be a table football tournament, where you can win cups with the Galeria Bronowice logo.

The action will also be supported by Krakowskie Wodociągi, which will provide gadgets for the winners of mini competitions.

Tenants who also want to promote a healthy lifestyle were invited to participate in the campaign:
• Fitness Platinium Bronowice - I will give 20 tickets to clients.
• Decathlon - they will conduct boxing workshops and prepare a mini zone where they will be available to provide customers with good advice:
- boxing training by Decathlon
- body measurements
- pull-up competition with Bronx Bouldering
• Illegal Karting by Budda go-kart track - exhibition of go-karts and 10 vouchers worth PLN 110.
• Intersport – promotional stand

Studio Figura Bronowice will also have its stand, which will prepare a lot of attractions:
- lymphatic drainage - massage for both athletes (professionals and amateurs) and people who want to improve their health, well-being or appearance in everyday life. You will be able to enjoy a 10-minute massage for free.
- Roll Shaper - is a device for body massage. The most common scope of application of roll massage is post-traumatic rehabilitation and increased muscle stimulation, which supports the return to physical fitness. It has an excellent effect on post-workout regeneration of the body's muscles, thanks to which it perfectly prepares you for sports training - you can also use a massage.
- Body composition analyzer.

Facebook Contest
• Create a slogan that would encourage a friend to start a healthy lifestyle.
• Post them as a comment to the competition post
• You can win 3 gift cards worth PLN 100