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Date of event: 04.06.2022 - 04.06.2022

Children's Day full of colours, laughter, gifts and competitions - we invite you to our ballooning world.

There will be 5 PLAY ZONES waiting for the kids:

  • Zone 1 - games and competitions with prizes from our tenants for children,
  • Zone 2 - face painting,
  • Zone 3 - learning to spin a balloon in the shape of your favourite animal,
  • Zone 4 - fun to search for a balloon in a ball pool,
  • * Zone 5 - the hidden zone on level +1 (get a stamp).

Receive a unique GIFT for the stamps on your diploma!

Rules of the fun:
- collect your diploma in zone 1,
- collect 5 stamps from each zone (note: the 5th zone is hidden on level +1),
- come back with a set of stamps and receive a gift.

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