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Educational Performance "Bathyscaphe Expedition. Skratek Mission"

Date of event: 12.03.2022

We invite all children to a free Educational Performance "Bathyscaphe Expedition. Skratek Mission".
The youngest ones will get to know the adventures of the dragon Skratek. They will also learn what the channels hide and why the dragon cannot get out of them.

The original spectacle of Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa (Krakow Water) will take place on March 12, 2022 (Saturday) in Kreatywna Planeta/Creative Planet, on the +1 level of Galeria Bronowice. On this day, Creative Planet will be unavailable for play.

The performance will take place twice. We invite you at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.
The number of places is limited.

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PS: By the way, we are very pleased to inform you that Galeria Bronowice has joined the #zatkałosie campaign organized by the Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa - Good water straight from the tap in Krakow! What is going on?
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