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The SOS Children's Villages Association in the Super Hero Zone

Date of event: 24.01.2022 - 29.01.2022

On January 24 until January 29, 2022, in the Super Hero Zone in Galeria Bronowice, you will be able to meet the SOS Children's Villages Association. You're cordially invited!

The SOS Children's Villages Association in Poland has been helping abandoned, orphaned children and children at risk of losing parental care for over 30 years. SOS Children's Village is a place where children with a very difficult experience regain a sense of security, trust in adults and, most of all, learn how to be a child again. This is possible thanks to the hard work of SOS Parents, who are with them all the time and create a real home for them. A team of educators and psychologists helps them to fulfill this mission, and thanks to their support, children cope with very difficult memories. All this so that the charges of the Association will grow up into happy, independent adults.

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