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Calendar of events

Visit the Christmas stands in Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 26.12.2021 - 28.12.2021

Angels with wafers
Date: 01-24.12. 2021
Angels with wafers will be available on the passage of Galeria Bronowice.

Cuda Wianki Design - dried sprays
Date: 26.11. – 23.12.2021
The Cuda Wianki Design company is characterized by natural Christmas decorations made of dried fruit, such as: oranges, limes, apples, mini pumpkins, pine cones, etc. Each ornament is handmade in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Each of them smells beautiful, just like Christmas.

Date: 26.11 – 24.12.2021
- Do you remember the taste of real oscypek? - that one perfectly smoked straight from Zakopane or its surroundings? Highlander's cheese in a variation with black seeds or dried cranberries, or maybe your children want their favourite cheese - korbacze - hair, pasta, string, etc. (the range of terms for this wonderful product called by our children is very wide)
You can find all these delicacies at our stand, at the Christmas market in Galeria Bronowice, next to the main entrance to the AUCHAN store.
We offer highlander cheeses - knobs, goat cheeses, korbacze and sheep cheese in various sizes. All products are fresh and not frozen (!), Made in Polish Highlands, thanks to which they retain their original and traditional taste.

DAGMARA My Christmas! - Christmas baubles
Date: 26.11-28.12.2021
Are you wondering what to decorate the Christmas tree with this year? Original, traditionally blown and hand-decorated baubles will make small works of art from the DAGMARA My Christmas collection hang on your tree!

"GRZEŚ" Krzysztof Jagielski - Christmas trees
Date: 04-23.12.2021

MOZZ - socks
Date: 03-04.12.2021, 10-12.12.2021, 17-24.12.2021
None of us can imagine Christmas without Christmas motives... and rightly so. They are an inseparable element of tradition right next to Kevin broadcast on Polsat channel, watch-night service and... socks in Christmas style! Without them, even the most white and delicious holidays would not make much sense. It is an inseparable element of a Christmas outfit, especially if they have a pattern with Santa Claus, Reindeer or the Bethlehem star. Colourful socks with Christmas patterns are the perfect way to emphasize this special time and your unique style. After all, nothing will attract the attention of others like a funny sock sticking out from under an elegant suit or a tasteful shoe. Remember not only to provide your tummy with delicious dishes this Christmas, but also to wear bare feet that deserve more than you imagine!

Gift boxes
Date: 4.12.2021, 11-12.12.2021, 17-23.12.2021
BohoBox is a creative gift for any occasion. We design unique sets using, among others vege and handmade products, from local suppliers, and we use ecological boxes and fillers to pack them, with a holiday accent on request. Our boxes are a ready offer for a practical and beautiful gift.