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Become a bone marrow donor

Date of event: 10.05.2019

From May 10th till 11th, at 10.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m., registration of potential donors of bone marrow and stem cells will take place in Galeria Bronowice. At a specially organized stand everyone interested will be able to register in the database and perhaps give someone a chance for a new life. The organizers of the campaign are: the Auchan store and the DKMS Foundation.

The day of Donor Marrow in Galeria Bronowice, organized by the Auchan store and the DKMS Foundation, will be a unique opportunity to learn about the specifics of bone marrow and stem cell donation. Volunteers will answer all questions and doubts that arise when making a decision about becoming a potential bone marrow donor. The registration process itself is very simple and takes only a few minutes - just fill out the form with your personal data, answer a few questions about your health, and then take a swab from the inner side of the cheek using a swab stick. Any healthy person, age between 18 and 55, weighing a minimum of 50 kg, can register. On the DKMS website you can check what is an obstacle to register as a potential bone marrow donor. We remind you to bring a document with the PESEL number with you.

Within 10 years, the DKMS Foundation registered over 1.4 million potential bone marrow donors, of which almost 6,000 have already given patients a chance for a new, healthy life. These data confirm how important such actions are. Especially that every fifth Polish patient in need of bone marrow transplantation has not found a compatible donor so far.

You are cordially invited!